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About Us

About Ren Organics

Ren Organics is a venture which has started with a passion of bringing health solutions to human life in the form of pure, organic, natural ingredients.

We have our own research facility where we are working on various natural extracts. Presently, our main products are various phytonutrients which are nutritional ingredients from plants. Our products include Catechins from Areca Catechu or Areca Nut which has tremendous medicinal properties, Chlorophyllin which is made from Chlorophyll and used as a medicine, as a health supplement and as a food colour, Citral from lemongrass and Anti-antioxidant rich Areca Extract which has applications in nutraceutical as well as cosmetic industry. We also have a super hydration booster product which is Areca Fat and it has a potential to be an important ingredient of various skin-care products.

Our research team has developed a process to extract Catechin from Areca Nut in the purest form. Catechin is a very important polyphenol and is used as an antioxidant in many pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.

Our products are certified with various necessary and required tests such as NMR, LCMS, HPLC etc. conducted at NCL Pune.

We have a production unit in Pune, Maharashtra and are the suppliers and exporters of Catechin and other polyphenolic products. Our facility is well equipped to deliver the products in purest form.

Our Values


We follow strict quality standards in all the processes. Our raw material selection, chemical ingredients used, storage standards and packing are carried out with high quality constraints.


Our organization name is Ren Organics. The word ‘Ren’ has various meanings in different languages. It means ‘Pure’ in Swedish and this indicates what we strive for in our products. We use plant materials, chemical materials in their purest form and also aim to achieve our final product in pure form.


We manufacture pure organic products which add healthy values to human life. Hence, safety is of utmost importance. Our whole process is designed to achieve pure and clean product safe from any contaminations or traces which could be hazardous to health.

We also follow all necessary strategies for safety of our staff in our production setup.

Facilities Used

Our lab and production facility are equipped to carry out various chemical procedures such as maceration, extraction, analysis and testing.

Most of the facilities and tools required are setup in our own unit and we have tie-ups for some of the analysis and testing facilities.

We use following techniques in our research and production:

  • HPLC
  • Super Critical Extraction
  • Column and Flash Chromatography
  • Distillation
  • Vacuum Drying