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Ren Organics team aims at extracting the vital, pure ingredients from nature which can be useful for a more healthful life. Our quality analysts implement all the procedures to achieve uncompromised quality. Our products are mainly plant extracts as well as active components which are used in health industry. Many of our products are rich in antioxidants and hence are used in nutraceutical and cosmetic industry.


To become a trusted partner in supplying quality products in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industry globally.


We strive to develop and manufacture safe, effective, quality and affordable products from pure natural sources which will add healthy values to human life.


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Botanical Extracts

Active Ingredients

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Why Us

Why Choose Us?

The world is moving towards a trend of preventive healthcare. Botanical or plant extracts play a major role in this reformation. The major applications of these plant-based antioxidants are in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industry. This undoubtedly demands for extremely clean and hygienic production as well as packing environments and good manufacturing practices.

We are committed to this

  • Implementation of GMPs in every process.
  • Selection of good quality raw material and time-stamped usage.
  • Safe extraction procedures.
  • Own research lab facility to assure process perfection.
  • Certifications from reputed facilities.


Nutraceutical Industry

Preventive healthcare products

Antioxidant rich supplements

Nutrient supplements

Muscle growth supplements

Pharmaceutical Industry

Anti-diabetic medicines

Anti-carcinogenic solutions

Medicines related to neuro complications

Cosmetic Applications

Skincare formulations

Anti-aging products

Skin whitening solutions

Anti-acne bio active ingradient

Pet Industry

Deworming medicines of pets

Pet foods

Organic Dyes

Plant based organic dyes


Food Industry

Healthy beverages

Food colors